Entry #1

Elliot Wright Music - Now on Newgrounds

2010-05-22 14:34:56 by ELWright

Well hey there, everypeoples! I've been coming to newgrounds for such a long time now, that I finally decided to actually get a flippin' account - so I guess you could say I'm now a pretty big deal maybe.

SO I think my first order of business will be to start lookin' into getting some o' my music on here; I might start with some selections from my 'musical cues' project. Stay tuned!


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2010-06-08 11:10:59

Hey ElWrite if your interested on listening to some music composed using EWQLSO check out my page. I am uploading tracks I've written from 2008 each day and still learning so it be great to hear what you think. Takes a while to get the hang of East West but you'll figure it out :) ANy questions let me know cheers!


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