Back from the Summer

2010-08-24 16:03:52 by ELWright

Hey errrrrbody! I'm back from summer work away from home, and you'll be seeing some nice updates on the site in the next few weeks - gonna get some new headshots once my crazy, CRAZY tan line goes away; aaand I'll be needing to re-write my professional bio cuaseit's out of date. AND I'll be adding a new section to the site, "Projects", which will be nice to have around.

I've noticed my stuff hasn't had such a great welcome on NG so far, but that's ok. The 'Musical Cues' series, although the best suited of my work *so far* for NG, is not exactly a perfect fit for the tastes and uses in the community - I do intend to make some better stuff in the near future though, so stay tuned for that. In the meantime, visit my main site for more frequent updates and blog posts. Love ya, peoples!


Well hey there, everypeoples! I've been coming to newgrounds for such a long time now, that I finally decided to actually get a flippin' account - so I guess you could say I'm now a pretty big deal maybe.

SO I think my first order of business will be to start lookin' into getting some o' my music on here; I might start with some selections from my 'musical cues' project. Stay tuned!